Mary Cassat
Little Girl in a Blue Armchair

10am / august 2014
dear new followers

hello my name is haley. i am a ceramicist. here is a list of my favorite things:

  • art (obvi.)
  • pottery
  • books
  • rabbits
  • sunflowers
  • blankets
  • face wash
  • i dont have a fav color but i am especially fond of chromatic neutrals
  • coffee
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I have so many #artsupplies #thatsnotevenhalfofthem


Noah Original, “Death Of Me” - Brite Session (by only1noah)

"…recorded live in the studio so what you see is what you get."

Full band version of my favourite song from his album.

I love his voice. <3

Baby Boy slayin’ it, like usual. 

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